Swimmin’ With The Virtual Fishes

artificial living fish in Second Life

I came across an interesting story couple days ago over on New World Notes (a blog maintained by a Second Life-embedded reporter) about fish with artificial intelligence coded into them swimming and replicating in the simulation. I wanted to see it for myself so logged on today for a peek. Very cool. Unfortunately there were only a few fish left as apparently there was some kind of population explosion which forced the Creator’s unforgiving hand (sounds alot like a Flood story to me). No matter. It was still interesting to see them “swim” around. The pyramid object you kinda see at the bottom of the above image (hiding behind the lowest fish) is a food/sphere “dispenser” and they didn’t stray too far from that. And while they swam around me, they didn’t appear too interested.

My favorite part of the story however is actually in the comments section, where the following line sounded especially intriguing:

A virus was quickly introduced to kill off the mutant fish before they either crashed the servers or they evolved a way of teleporting to the main grid.

That’s classic. You can read the whole story and comments here.

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