My Ticket to “Fly Design”


About ten days ago I stumbled upon a Japanese website that had pictures of the above concept, the GMC “Pad”. Finding a link on that site, I discovered some much higher resolution images elsewhere (but forgot to note the site to give them credit and didn’t bookmark the Japanese site either). Then I saw BusinessWeek carrying one of the images in their “L.A. Autoshow Preview” (Link). I’d recently posted some student concepts and not wanting to always post car concepts, I decided not to comment on the BW article (even though that Audi Nero bears close resemblence to my first year ID clay model concept car; would post images but it’s buried away somewhere… maybe later). In addition, there’s another concept in their slideshow done by an old acquaintance and, to be honest, it’s pretty weak in my opinion. I didn’t really want to talk about it as I’m disappointed in the work.

Today I see that Core77 has posted the same image from BusinessWeek (again, they’re frequently using Car Design News for their automotive styling/design articles). But it’s the same old image. Soooo, I thought I’d post a composite of two of the shots that I discovered a while back. It’s a cool little design; perfect for someone like me (I’ve long dreamed of just setting up a mobile studio, naming my business “Fly Design” and traveling from client to client). Anyway, here it is. Hope these images are of interest.

via Some site I forgot about

{Image source: Completely forgotten so if someone wants to give me a source or the name of the copyright holder I’ll post it.}