Fool Me Once

I’m not quite sure why this is getting press, but C|Net is carrying a story (Link) on virtual world developer Linden Lab turning to the FBI to deal with Second Life grid attackers who struck earlier this week. From the article:

Apparently, “Second Life” had been struck multiple times by attacks this week and prior and Rosedale told the multitudes gathered at the digital party that he wouldn’t be having any of it.

“This seems about (as) good a time as any to tell you that I am turning over names to the FBI,” the Second Life Herald, a third-party publication, quoted Rosedale as saying.

It was only a few weeks ago that an attack occurred (read about it here). After that incident Linden Lab representative Ginsu Linden said,

Although most people using Second Life are enjoying the fun and creativity that the platform provides, a few malicious individuals are intentionally acting to impair some or all of the Second Life grid. Please note that personal and account information of these individuals will be disclosed to appropriate law enforcement agencies for further investigation, including U.S. state and federal authorities and agencies in applicable international jurisdictions.

So did they not do it then? I don’t get it. When I see the words “law enforcement agencies”, “investigation”, and “federal authorities”, I kinda assume they mean the FBI. Maybe they didn’t really do then what they implied they were going to do. Or maybe they contacted Homeland Security. Or the Peace Corps? Who knows.