Emerging Creative Amplifiers

What a great tag: “creative amplifier”. Wish I could claim it. But all I did was hijack it from Will Wright, the Creator of reportedly the most popular videogame in history – “The Sims“. Today Gamespot has a synopsis of Wright’s presentation for his forthgaming game entitled “Spore”.

Holy cow. Not more than an hour ago I was (re)visiting Allegorithmic’s website; they’re a company which has been making procedural texture creation software for about a year now. With Wright’s game taking procedural content to unheard of levels, and all the other “creative amplifier” tools recently announced and/or released, I’m having a hard time not publicly declaring the imminent creation of the Metaverse. It seems as if all the major pieces to the puzzle are in place, with only their integration remaining. Now I’m just waiting for the announcement.