Come To AO-Daddy


Now here’s a surfing collision for you: AdAge is hosting America Online’s curious new commercial, “Why The Internet Is Bad”. For those of you willing to register on their site (it’s free), you can see AOL’s Orwellian pitch(?) for yourself (Link – to video page) and try to figure out exactly how it fits in with their recent announcement to create “AIMspace” (see my earlier entry – Link). Personally, I’m getting the feeling they’re going after the older, forgotten demographic; people like … *ahem* … little old ladies who are intrigued by this stuff but scared off by what they read and hear on the tele.

Right after seeing that, I happened to surf through YouTube only to notice that Aphex Twin‘s “Come To Daddy” music video is there for everyone’s viewing pleasure (I’m not sure if this video is violating any copyrights, but given what I’ve read previously about the people behind this effort, I wouldn’t be surprised if its uploading is officially endorsed; consequently, I’ll give credit and watch to see if it gets yanked).

For the unfamiliar, this video is a brilliantly-made cult flick and one of my favorites. Directed and masterfully edited by Chris Cunningham, this bit of filmmaking, in addition to being visually stunning, has a storyline/message that’s particularly relevant now. And the really scary part is that the “monster” in it might turn out to be AOL!

I want your soul.
I will eat your soul.

Sing along everybody.

By the way, I’ve just noticed that Cunningham is no longer slated to direct the film adaptation of William Gibson‘s Neuromancer. Bummer.

{Top image Copyright © America Online, Inc.; bottom image source: YouTube, Inc.}