Adobe 3D Arrives *Update*

As follow-up to my earlier post from last October (Link), Infoworld is carrying news that Adobe has released something… wonderful? From the article (Link):

Adobe Systems Monday is releasing software that will allow designers and engineers to save 3-D images as PDF (portal document format) files and share those files with anyone who has the free Adobe Acrobat reader, the company said.

{Quick note: the writer is incorrectly calling these “3-D images”; they’re actually saving 3D file data… not 2D images.}

A new product in the Acrobat family, Adobe Acrobat 3D, allows users to convert 3-D designs from major CAD (computer-aided design) applications into PDF files…

There’s plenty more in that article to read – from intellectual property to design communication – so it’s worth going to the source. And if you’re a product designer, make sure you also stop by the Adobe Acrobat 3D page (Link) and get some details since this concerns many of us. I’m interested, but the addition of another 3D format (.u3d) doesn’t thrill me.

via TP Wire Service

{Update: From someone else’s blogsearch tracks, I found this interesting blog entry – Link – by someone apparently involved in the development of this upgrade. Right Hemisphere? That came outta left field.}