A “Suicide” Solution for Linden Lab

Here’s a follow-up to my earlier post (Link) regarding the Suicide Girls-in-Second Life situation. This has been posted to the Second Life forums by Wilder Linden as a result of some controversy brewing around this situation:

Suicide Girls in Second Life FAQ

Q. Is there a deal/agreement/contract between Linden Lab and the Suicide Girls?
A. No

Q. Were the Suicide Girls approached by Linden Lab to join Second Life as a part of a program or promotion?
A. No

Q. Were the Suicide Girls given a special offer to check out Second Life?
A. Yes

Q. Do the Suicide Girls owe Linden Lab something in return?
A. No

Q. Why did Linden Lab do this?
A. There is an interest in seeing how existing web communities can extend what they offer members by having a virtual space where they can meet and interact. The Suicide Girls have a very active community and Second Life is a good fit for them to be able to meet and greet each other as well as their site members.

Please remember that the residents in Second Life with the last name Suicide are like all residents and deserve to be treated according to the Community Guidelines and Standards.

There will be more web communities in the future joining Second Life as we continue to grow and expand and they should be given the chance to make a home just as we all have.

I am always willing to talk with concerned residents in world and would ask that you respect other residents’ right to privacy.

From reading some of the comments that preceeded this post, it’s apparent that some of the reaction is based almost entirely on the industry in which the Suicide Girls operate. This isn’t entirely surprising; however, given the … freestyle … nature of Second Life, the degree to which this is offending some of the residents is somewhat surprising to me.

It’s no secret that Second Life is a destination for many people interested in cybersex. There’s even been recent news about the website/blog now rating SL escort services… with far less community reaction of the sort I’m referring to above.

Guess we’ll just have to see how this particular injection of reality fares in the virtual world.

4 thoughts on “A “Suicide” Solution for Linden Lab

  1. I am interested to learn more about this: “There will be more web communities in the future joining Second Life as we continue to grow and expand and they should be given the chance to make a home just as we all have.” It sounds like there might be future deals targetting specific online communities in the works. Seems to be a good idea–transposing one community into a new location. The challenge will be in deciding whether or not Second Life is a suitable alternate location for transplanted communities.

  2. Agree and I’m curious to see what comes down the pike.

    There was one resident in particular who associated with the “Christian” community and who seemed to be especially unhappy with this particular development. That person went on to cite reasons why the Suicide Girls were {lots of bad things}… all based on perhaps a 3-second peek at their NSFW website. At the same time, that same resident claimed “Revenge of the Nerds” is a favorite movie and highly entertaining. I personally seem to remember some fairly objectionable things in that film. Which of course begs the question to which you’re referring: who decides what is or is not suitable?

  3. Another targetted community is the PMS Clan. A couple of members have been granted the last name PMS. Getting hardcore FPS gamers into SL is proving.. interesting :)

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