ZinkKat’s “Chili” Machine

{Edit: Whoops. I accidently saved this entry as “Private” back on February 12. Consequently, it’s been hidden from view and is now pretty late. Oh well. I’ll update the timestamp so it lands on the front page.}

As some of you know I’ve been watching some of the short Demo ’06 presentations and posting entries about them here (see earlier posts – Link 1 and Link 2). But today I went looking for something with a bit of associated hardware and what I found was pretty interesting. It’s a product by a tiny company named ZinkKat and the thing is called “Chili”. Basically it’s a wireless device that connects the user to all their audio-based stuff (e.g. phone, CD, podcasts, aso) or to any content which can be converted to audio (e.g. instant messaging, RSS feeds, aso). All this and only two buttons.

Watch the presentation video for yourself (Link) and get both more info and a better look at the device over on newsobserver.com (Link – best image I could find).