Edges of Innovation


I just happened across a very cool news article on Embedded Computing announcing Samsung Heavy Industries use of RTLinux for a system that runs their ship-building production robots. From the article (Link):

Working with FSMLabs’ Korean partner, RealTimeWave, engineers at SHI have created some of the worlds most advanced ship-building robots including an autonomous “Spider” welder that autonomously guides itself over the ships membrane wall.

In addition to the Spider robot, SHI has developed a RTLinux powered pipe alignment robot also in production use and a third, Stewart-Gough Type 6-axes parallel robot is under development. The robots use SHI designed 3-D path tracking and real-time attitude control systems.

Now this is the kind of thing I was getting at earlier when I posted about both the Zaha Hadid-designed building under construction (Link) and about the future where we “grow” our structures (Link).

Very cool. Now about those robot termites…

via Robot Cafe

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