Crazy Egg Heating Up Interface Design

Just caught a post on Mashable (Link) for an application called Crazy Egg. If you’re an interface designer/web designer you’re most definitely going to want to see this; one step away from an interface rearranging itself on the fly (okay, some of you won’t like that, but we’ll see how that goes when we cross that bridge … probably next week).

Be sure to check the comments on Mashable. I’ve added one (which is probably so obvious the people at Crazy Egg are laughing at me). If you have questions, thoughts, comments then that’s the place to post them.

If you’re not into interface design, check it out anyway. That “heat map” thing is tre cool.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Egg Heating Up Interface Design

  1. Hi,
    I noticed your comment on mashable, we have already been thinking of useful and innovate ways to display the information we are gathering, some of the points you mention are what we have been thinking about. I’d love for you to test out Crazy Egg, if you’d like. Just email me, info at

  2. Would love to try it.

    {Guess that means I’m going to have to get back to my site re-design. hmmm, I can re-connect my old one and learn from it first. That’s a cool thought.}

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