(In)Elegant Electric


After seeing little about which to post regarding either New York Fashion Week or the Seamless show at MIT earlier this month, I did find something interesting over on WMMNA (Link). It’s an intriquing entry concerning niche fashion in Japan and influence on/reflection of the traditional mainstream culture. At the end of the entry a simple question is posed: will wearable electronics be adopted by one of the mentioned urban “tribes” as part of some fashion statement and will any of them go so far as to adopt implants? There’s also, I believe, an implied question about how those developments reflect the changing values in their society.

All interesting stuff, but it appears as if the A-boys have to catch up to a couple of working guys in Ohio who have already gone the implant route (Link). I’m guessing they’re wearing plain old polyester.

{Image source: Hanamaru Cafe – Gothic and Lolita video}