Am I On A “Lost” Episode Or What?

I was reading an interesting interview with Natalie Jeremijenko and was, as a drawn-out consequence, thinking about the need for a rapid prototyping device that actually replicates itself. In this way, where it’s needed most – in under-developed regions – there is less likelihood of the technology being misappropriated by those with less-than-charitable intentions. Okay… in theory. And perhaps a little too pie-in-the-sky. But one quick hop over to New Scientist and I find a brand new article discussing this very same idea. And what’s more, Dr. Adrian Bowyer intends to make the “RepRap” open source. Awesome.

Now, couple this to some cool fuel cell technology whose by-product is potable water, and you’ve got yourself something of worth to the developing world it seems (as well to a few of us with additional ideas in mind).

Well this couldn’t have come at a better time. Earlier today I was hunting up new RP sites and reviewing old ones with little success. I did find a relatively new forum over at and registered. And I even checked out Terry Wohler’s site (didn’t appear to have much new content since my last visit a few months back). Seems I have some additional googling to do though. No doubt people will be discussing the RepRap project. Just hope all my hits aren’t me out on the net going on and on about the article. Now what do I wish for next…