Virtual Endorsement from Left Field

Okay, Curt Schilling is a pitcher, but you get the idea. From the website (Link):

Red Sox pitcher and World Series MVP Curt Schilling has a new endorsement deal: online games. The die-hard EverQuest II fan has been spotted out and about in Magic Kingdom flying his MMORPG colors.

There’s no end to it, the world is enormous, the possibilities are endless, and above all else, it’s a place to go and relax amongst friends. What I can’t get enough of is your ability to interact with real live people.

Maybe it’s time for some new kinds of mashups in the entertainment world. What do you think about these:

  • Dungeons, Dragons & Baseball – the trick is knock the dragon’s fireball slider into the mechanism securing the drawbridge so you can make a run for home. If you don’t make it, it’s off to the cenobites with you. Make it. It’s off to the cenobites with you.
  • Orc Hockey League – and you thought the NHL was rough. When they manage to stay upright, they have just enough time to whack the object of their attention (a delicious, live, and begging-for-mercy morsel) toward a goal (their overlord’s mouth). Losing team is served on a spit to the winning overlord.
  • Gold Pharm Phootball – pharmers run onto the field to gather “athletic sweat” from the American-style football minotaurs. Because the game is played in the desert (think Dune), sweat is precious. Players with disposable income buy the sweat from pharmers, collect it in branded bottles, and use it to keep their players from drying up and withering away. The game? There is no game. It’s basically a bunch of minotaurs hitting each other (and the pharmers, of course).
  • {I’ll stay clear of mashing up basketball. Now is not the best time to go suggesting something like Bracket Fairy Basketball.}

    via Blue’s News