The Blogject Report

It’s both a bit odd and pretty cool seeing the core idea behind my RadTag concept take off like it has (you can see just the support images for that thing on my Coroflot page – Link; other discussion and links you can pick up from my earlier post – reLink) .

I’ve been slowly starting up a conversation about this on the Core forum (Link), but while that remains mostly ignored, I’m finding plenty of conversation elsewhere. I’m thinking maybe the Industrial Design community just isn’t the best place right now for these sorts of discussions. A shame since IDer’s are generally at the crossroads of so many relevant disciplines.

In any event, while doing a little surfing, I came across a post on Julian Bleecker’s blog (Link) that contains a link to a report from a workshop called “Blogjects and the new ecology of things”. I’ve not yet read the report, but will hopefully find time next week. It should be interesting.

{btw, I was going to post a “Thank You” on Julian’s blog, but it identified me as a spammer; apparently my new IP address had been previously misused. Oh well. Hopefully if he stops by, he’ll read it here.}

2 thoughts on “The Blogject Report

  1. Hi, found it! Nice to see the cloud of thinkers, tinkerers on this vector covers a whole lot of terrain! I’ll see about this “spam” mishegoss.

    julian bleecker

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