Failure Or An Unfortunate Success?

I was lucky enough to catch an interesting post discussing Second Life that is, in my opinion, accurate in quite a lot of unfortunate ways. It’s called “Second Life: The Failed Experiment” (Link) and is worth a read.

Without doubt, to me SL is not what the 3D internet will eventually become; it’s a precursor of sorts. A testing ground. And perhaps a bit of an experiment in how it might evolve and how we learn to interact through it. Of course sometimes what we learn says less about what we’re observing and more about the vantage point from where it is we’re making our observations. The world moves more quickly when you’re looking out the window of a train.

It’s long, but if you manage to read through it, you’ll also find my comment at the bottom which sees things through a different lens; a different train. That doesn’t change the observations, but it does change the interpretation.