The ManMelter and Other Nice Toys


As a fan of retro science fiction movies (including… yes… Flesh Gordon), this puppy gets a big smile out of me. The above image is the ManMelter 3600ZX, one of several “rayguns” apparently in development as part of a line of a WETA Raygun Collection (Link). I’ve not found a price or any other shipping information, so I’m guessing these are limited edition niche products. I bet they sell out of these in a day.

If the Long Tail increasingly fills with this kind of stuff, I myself may actually turn into a normal consumer. Maybe. But with so much neat stuff – like the found art pieces I mentioned some time back (reLink) – I’d have a tough time deciding what to get and shut down altogether. There ya go, another reason we’ll need Filters more than Distributors in the years ahead.

via Boing Boing

{Image source: WetaNZ}