Second Life + Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Island

I’d read about this previously on the Second Life forums – Wells Fargo has set up a virtual training ground to teach young adults about money and finance and such. From an announcement made by Second Life CEO/Founder Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden):

Today (Wednesday, September 14), Wells Fargo is announcing the launch of Stagecoach Island – an immersive experience set in Second Life that teaches young adults how to handle their finances in an entertaining way.

The islands are private islands and new users log directly into those islands – a feature that other island owners in SL have been using as well.

Through the grapevine I’ve also heard of some companies looking to make the move onto the “main grid”. I’ll admit I was hoping to give some smallish manufacturer a chance to get some invaluable PR, but I’m guessing some big player is going to now take the spotlight. A shame.

{Image source: Eggy Lippmann}