The Music of Play Equals Work


There’s an article on Wired that I want to point out. It’s called “DIY Tunes Turn It Up” (Link) which I think is a shame because there’s something fairly important happening at the core of this. Author Clive Thompson definitely touches upon it and I’ve discussed it previously. “It” is the increasingly blurring boundary between Work and Play. It’s a big part of the reason I find the virtual simulation Second Life so interesting; the tools are simple enough that it allows people with no experience to create 3D objects quickly and easily. And if people can get that data out (Link) and inexpensively fabricated (Link), we’ll start to see people empowered in ways they’ve not been since before the Industrial Revolution. Whether it’s blue collar laborers who have spent their entire lives working inside a corporate machine or workers in lesser-developed countries, when the barriers to creation drop, opportunities rise.

This is what will continue the evolution of the ecoToroid (Link). The real question in my mind is: How fluid will the transition be?

{Image Copyright © Toshio Iwai/Nintendo}