Live In Your Demo World

arquakeWSaying someone was living in their own world used to be a metaphor. More and more it’s coming to mean something else. For some reason there’s been a resurgence of online discussion about Augmented Reality and the MIT Technology Review site has a new article on it. I don’t know about AR graveyards though. I was really hoping for something more along the lines of “ARQuake” (maybe a multiplayer version with tasers….).

This all goes hand-in-hand with the big tech news for the past few days: Demo. Yahoo News has a short article (probably temporary too [Edit: it was, so I removed the link]) on a few of the hyped technologies at the Demo conference that maybe makes this augmented reality stuff more relevant: Intellifit body scanning, Novint Falcon haptics, MDA 3D modeling. This is all sounding very cyberspace-y. But instead of re-reading Snow Crash, go rent Videodrome. Confusion may be the order of the day but long live the new flesh, eh?

We need a kidney, not a liver! Where’s the Print Cancel button?!?

popsci_inkjet_articlePopular Science online reminds everyone of the versatility of the humble technology used in the ubiquitous inkjet printer in this short article. And of course there have been recent mentions of mad scientist/ Chicago chef, Homaru Cantu, using a Canon i560 to print food (and edible menus), and more than a few news reports of a University of Manchester research team printing skin and bones in similar fashion. Somehow Star Trek’s “replicator” doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. Now if people can make anything, what will they really make? Shudder to think.